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 One Point Wall is a bridge-type firewall which investigates every communication packet and blocks contents that normal firewalls cannot block. It efficiently copes with security violation not only from the external network but also from the internal network. This product is virtually the only solution to counter P2P problems.


Blocking various computer traffics

Judging by each packet, One Point Wall almost perfectly blocks unnecessary traffics in companies, such as p2p or online games which have long been system administrators’ headache. One Point Wall is an epoch-making product because it can, unlike conventional firewalls, block various network traffics from inside. At the same time, One Point Wall closely examines those traffics from the external and keeps out SPAMs, computer worms and attacks pointed at vulnerabilities in Web applications as well.

Adaptable to wide range of network structures

We have recently revised our licensing policy to meet the demands of small scale networks like the one in each section in a company. One Point Wall comes to protect sever segments, complement firewalls and so on.

Easy introduction and simple operation

Despite the ability to control various network traffics, One Point Wall is easy to deploy, thanks to the bridge mode functionality. In addition, unlike blocking up port by port, it does not affect other applications’ operation. Moreover, its user interface is easily understandable and does not require professional knowledge.